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I used to worry about coaching in a group format. What if the client doesn't quickly present a clear problem? What if I spend too much time with the first person? What if I can't get them results, and other people are watching me? What if not everybody gets coached?

Then I figured out the method for laser-focused coaching in 15 minutes.

It works for any client and any problem.


About Anthea

I was quite the rule follower when it came to coaching. When I certified as a Life Coach I was taught a method to coach, and I didn't even think to question it. I was too busy trying to do it "right".

It didn't occur to me there was another way until I completed my Advanced Deep Dive Coaching Certification. In that program I developed my intuition and learned how to bring that into my coaching to get my clients the best results. 

That work became the fundamentals to teaching Laser-focused coaching in 15 minutes. I work with the best coaches to help them refine their skills to coach quickly and deeply, to 10X results for their clients. 

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What people are saying...

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“Just do it. I'm just a better coach after working with Anthea.


I was pretty sure I was very self aware and had done the most important work I could do. But then we uncovered more shit.

— Karilyn, Life Coach


“I feel lighter after working with Anthea. I have let go of mental and emotional baggage.


I'm better able to serve my clients by holding space for them wherever they are in the process.”

— Sacha, Life Coach