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I'm honored that you are here to learn about me. The intent is mutual. I want to learn about you too. My story is below, but come follow me on Instagram and lets get to know each other. Come there and tell me what brought you to my website today and how I can help.

My Story

Life Coaching has changed my own life in so many ways. Just the fundamental concept that we can choose our thoughts is everything. I literally remember where I was when I first heard it - on a break from work, out on a walk listening to a podcast. It went something like this: "Wait... that crap floating around in my brain... I'M IN CHARGE OF THAT?! I can choose to not think that?" Mind blowing. When I realized I could direct my brain to create an intentional life, I was in!  

So then I became a certified coach and the rest was history...

Oh actually nope, not at all. I became a coach, then I forgot all that I learned when it applied to myself 🤣🤣 Turns out, the human brain doesn't start cut you a break just because you have a certification. But I got better and better and recognizing my own bullshit when it popped up. And there is a correlation. The deeper I went in my own exploration, the better my coaching skills got for my clients. 

At first I was quite the rule follower when it came to coaching. When I certified as a Life Coach I was taught a method to coach, and I didn't even think to question it. I was too busy trying to do it "right".

What I've learned is "coaching right" has to do less with following some rules, and more to do with a state of mind. Curiosity is key. Which means me asking lots of open questions and my clients talking more than me. It has to do with tapping into my own intuition to know where to go in a session. 

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