I have been a Certified Coach since 2018. I was attracted to The Life Coach School because they have an amazing weight loss program, with tons of success stories (many are coach friends who I know personally). It's all amazing. It really works for lots of people. 

But I came at it all wrong. I arrived there hoping that I could "fix myself". That thinking led to more struggle. The more I rejected myself, the harder it all became. 

Along this journey what became clear was that I wanted to accomplish a much more important goal. I wanted to stop blaming, shaming and generally being shitty to myself. I moved my focus inward. I wanted to go deep and I knew Bev had to be my coach. If you know her, then you know it was a next-to-impossible spot to get. And it was a huge investment for where I was in my business at the time. But I decided I was worth it, and I'd do the work. That was the beginning of my journey into coaching the Deep Dive way. I was a client first, and I discovered the life-changing results for myself.

I went on to complete Bev Aron's Advanced Deep Dive Coaching Certification.

It is my greatest honor to share this work with my clients.

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