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Group Coaching Masters

Master the Art of Group Coaching

Fall in love with group coaching and feel confident 

your students will get the results your program promises.

You’ve proven yourself as a 1:1 coach…so why is it so hard to translate those skills to a group setting?

Unfortunately, group coaching requires a different
set of skills that you didn’t get in your certification.  

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Does this sound like you?

  • You lack confidence in your group coaching skills.

  • You’re struggling to deliver the same quality of
    coaching that you did in your 1:1 sessions.


  • You worry that your students aren’t going to
    get the result they signed up for.


  • You measure your own success by your students —
    so if they don’t succeed, you feel like a failure.

I believe group coaching is more powerful and effective than 1:1

Group Coaching Masters will help you to:

High School Friends

Fall in Love with Group Coaching

Master your group coaching skills until you love it even more than 1:1 coaching.

Business Meeting

Grow Confidence & Expand Impact

Help even more clients become their best selves.

Group Seflie

Create Raving Fans

Your customers will love your program so much, they'll sell it for you.

Coaching in a group can feel intimidating


I’ve been a life coach for many years now, and I’ve helped dozens of clients grow their own practices. What I’ve learned is that coaching “the right way” has less to do with following a strict set of rules, and more to do with developing a certain set of skills.

Those skills become even more important in group programs.


Why? Because it isn’t just about delivering the same coaching methods in less time — in fact, group coaching requires you to flex an entirely separate set of strategic muscles.  


I created Group Coaching Masters to help close that gap, with my signature Laser Focused Group Coaching Method. Here’s how it’s different:

  • 30-minute sessions. Each of our 12 sessions together will be brief and actionable, so you can get the coaching you need in less time.

  • Customized for you. No two coaches are exactly alike, which is why we’ll tap into your unique gifts and challenges to make you the best coach possible.

  • Expert evaluation. I’ll offer guidance and simple adjustments you can make to improve your coaching style, so your clients can achieve even better results.


Group Coaching Masters, Founder

50+ Clients

Master Certified Coach

Advanced Certified Deep Dive Coach

Enrolled in Master Coach Training

Here's how it works


Click enroll and get started today


Learn valuable skills to master group coaching


Grow your client base into a network of raving fans

“I’m better able to serve my clients by holding space for them wherever they are in the process.”


“Anthea is like a ninja at emotions which is why I hired her to coach inside of my 10k in 10hrs Mastermind. Entrepreneurship has a lot of a lot of feeling work associated with it, and she is so masterful at it.

— Neill, Master Certified Coach

karilyn--12 copy.jpg

“Just do it. I'm just a better coach after working with Anthea.

I was pretty sure I was very self aware and had done the most important work I could do. But then we uncovered more shit.

— Karilyn, Life Coach


“I feel lighter after working with Anthea. I have let go of mental and emotional baggage.

I'm better able to serve my clients by holding space for them wherever they are in the process.”

— Sacha, Life Coach

You need someone who understands 
the nuances of group coaching work.




Laser-Focused Group Coaching Session Plan

Customized for you and your unique program


Laser-Focused Thought Error Guide

Help clients get unstuck so they can do the work
and get the results your program delivers.


Laser-Focused Wrap-Up Process

Help even more clients become their best selves.


Emotions Masterclass

Help your clients get unstuck by
processing emotions in a group call
($500 value)

Laser-Focused Self-Coaching Process

Make self-coaching valuable again by designing your personalized roadmap to help you go even deeper. ($500 value)

Don’t leave another coaching session feeling drained and exhausted.

You and your clients matter too much for that.

When you master my Laser-Focused Coaching Method™,
you will never coach groups the same way again.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain… let’s do this!

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