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The World Needs Your Brilliance!

The world needs coaching now, more than ever, and we want to help you get out and serve!  You know you were meant to be a coach, but the whole thing feels scary!  Maybe you have never coached a stranger, yet!  Or maybe, you are worried you won't know what to say during a session! 

It's totally normal. 

We made this resource just for you.

Get Unstuck in any coaching session with 3 simple steps.

Send me the 10 bulletproof questions for
Laser-Focused Group Coaching


Business Consultation

Feel confident in your coaching - even if your client doesn't know the coaching tools you use?

Enjoy coaching, rather than feeling dread or worried that you won't get it right?

Know exactly what to do when you feel confused, lost or stuck in a coaching session?

Group Calls


3 simple steps to bring you back to center, no matter what your client wants to talk about.


How to refocus your attention back to the client.


Advanced questions you probably didn't learn during certification.


The more I focus on my client, the more connection I create.

It's so helpful to remember that the basics always work.

Such a good reminder to keep things simple in my coaching.

Hi!  We are Anthea and Jen and our mission is to help 500 coaches feel comfortable with the ART and SCIENCE of coaching so they can change the world.  We both left our coaching certification programs with a solid foundation for the science, but we felt totally lost when it came to the art of coaching.  We have spent a lot of time and money on programs, masterminds, coaches in order to feel confident as coaches.  We know it sucks to spend a bunch of money, but still feel confused.  We can help, starting with our 3 Step Rescue Guide.  

We Remember!

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Are you crossing your fingers and hoping your client doesn't bring you anything "too tricky" or "too heavy"?  We were there, too!  We wanted our clients to talk slowly, not have too many thoughts and be clear in what they wanted.  Turns out, that's not how most clients show up!  No matter what your client brings you, it is possible to feel confident and grounded.  Start with the 3 Step Rescue Plan. 

Yes! Rescue Me!

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