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— Neill, Master Certified Coach

“Anthea is like a ninja at emotions which is why I hired her to coach inside of my 10k in 10hrs Mastermind. Entrepreneurship has a lot of a lot of feeling work associated with it, and she is so masterful at it.

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— Karilyn, Life Coach

“Just do it. I'm just a better coach after working with Anthea.


I was pretty sure I was very self aware and had done the most important work I could do. But then we uncovered more shit.


— Sacha, Life Coach

“I feel lighter after working with Anthea. I have let go of mental and emotional baggage.


I'm better able to serve my clients by holding space for them wherever they are in the process.”

"Anthea is the queen of processing emotions"

I'm a coach myself and I know that I’ve got my understanding of thought work under control but Anthea realized what was keeping me stuck was that I've been avoid feeling my emotions.
“Feeling” is something that I've avoided my whole life and led me to burnout at work and a whole load of skin issues that are linked to suppressed emotions typically fear and anger.
Anthea is the queen of processing emotions. She so compassionately held the space for me whilst she talked me through the feelings processing exercise that I've avoided for a long time.

-Rachele, Life Coach

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