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Have you dreamed of taking your coaching skills to the next level without breaking the bank?


Well, the moment you've been waiting for has arrived! We are thrilled to announce our program, tailor-made to supercharge your coaching abilities without the hefty price tag.

Introducing the "Coach Confidently" Program

In the Coach Confidently program, we've designed a unique experience to empower aspiring coaches like you to elevate their coaching game and truly make a meaningful impact. Here's what you can expect in this exciting journey:

🚀 7 Live Group Coaching Sessions: These sessions are the heart of the program. You'll not only learn from our experienced coaches but also have the opportunity to offer your insights and receive invaluable feedback from your peers. It's a collaborative space where your coaching skills will thrive.

📽️ Weekly Coaching Tip Videos: In addition to the live sessions, you'll receive weekly coaching tip videos, packed with actionable advice and best practices to refine your coaching techniques.

🤝 Private Slack Channel: Join our exclusive Slack community, where you can engage in discussions, share your burning questions, and connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about coaching. It's a space for growth and camaraderie.

🌟 Workshop on "Trauma Informed Coaching": This specialized workshop will equip you with essential skills to handle the complex and sensitive issues that may arise in coaching. It's a crucial aspect of becoming a well-rounded and impactful coach.















Are you ready to take the leap and boost your coaching skills to new heights? The Coach Confidently program is your golden ticket to making it happen. Join us on this transformative journey, and let's elevate your coaching to extraordinary levels together.

Ready to dive in and secure your spot? Click the button below, and let the learning adventure begin!



Previous students told us this was one of their favorite parts! It was originally intended to be limited to just a few but due to popular demand we're offering it to everyone who signs up by May 11th. When you register for this small-group experience,  by the early bird deadline, you'll receive a unique opportunity. We'll assign you a non-coach client to work with during the program. This real-world experience is invaluable and provides you with two significant advantages:

  1. A Chance to Sell Your Coaching Services: At the end of the program, your non-coach client will give you the opportunity to showcase your services and potentially become a long-term client.

  2. A Testimonial for Your Marketing: You'll also receive a glowing testimonial that you can use to bolster your marketing efforts and showcase your ability to deliver tangible results.


Confident Woman

My favorite thing is the master coaches!

Woman with Gray Hair

I have all these favorites: the amazing vibe you have created. It feels safe and a safe learning environment. The structure of the sessions. The people.

On a Video Call

Seeing the master coaches demonstrate a teaching is so helpful


Our "Coach Confidently" program is structured to provide you with an enriching and interactive experience that will transform your coaching skills. Here's a breakdown of the key components:

1. Commit to Live Learning: For the most dynamic and effective learning experience, we encourage you to commit to being there live for all of the program. These sessions are not recorded because we believe in the power of real-time interaction. Mark your calendar for our live sessions on Wednesday 6:30pm central time:

  • June 5, 12, 19, 26

  • July 10. 17, 24

2. Weekly Coaching Tip Videos: Each week, you'll receive a bite-sized coaching tip video in our slack community. These videos will provide you with practical insights on topics like these:

  • I have the model, now what?: Transform your coaching knowledge into actionable steps.

  • How to end a session: Learn the art of gracefully concluding a coaching session.

  • Where to find your first 10 clients: Uncover strategies to kickstart your coaching journey.

  • Staying curious in the post-model discussion: Discover how to keep the conversation engaging and productive.

  • What to do when your client doesn't know how they feel: Navigate challenging moments with confidence.

  • How to prepare for a new client: Get ready to make a powerful first impression.

3. Ask A Coach/Office Hours/Problem Solving (Recorded): In addition to the live sessions, we offer a dedicated "Ask A Coach" segment where you can bring your coaching questions and challenges to the table. These sessions will be recorded for your convenience. Mark your calendar for:

  • June 21 @12 pm central

  • July 12 @12 pm central

These sessions are designed to be a problem-solving hub where you can gain insights, receive guidance, and overcome any obstacles you might encounter in your coaching journey.

Our program is a holistic approach to developing your coaching skills, combining live interaction, expert guidance, and real-world practice. It's not just a program; it's a transformative experience. Are you ready to dive in and unlock your coaching potential? Secure your spot today!


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